Wednesday, February 28

Anti-LGBTQ Hate Online Increases After Florida’s Enactment of the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

Research that studied social media trends found that hateful rhetoric towards people of the LGBTQ+ community rose after Florida passed the “don’t say gay” law. A bill that prohibits the instruction of gender identity and sexual orientation in kindergarden through the third grade.

According to the study released by the Human’s Rights Campaign, references to “pedophiles” & “grooming” increased by more than 400% in the month after the bill was passed. The researchers revealed in the study that they reported 100 of the most heinous tweets that they saw to Twitter but only one was removed.

In the report, experts consulted by the Human’s Rights Campaign warn that an increase in online hate can reflect a rise in offline violence and hate. Adding that the normalization of anti-LGBTQ+ hate puts people in the community in danger.

The bill that was signed into law on March 28, by Florida Governor Ron De Santis, says teachers can’t discuss gender identity or sexual orientation with students. While those who support the bill argue that it will only apply to children from kindergarten through the third grade. Legal experts believe that the vague language of the bill will allow parents of children of all ages to sue schools if they don’t consider LGBTQ+ related conversations to be age appropriate.


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