Friday, May 17

Former Scientology Officer Seemingly Outs John Travolta With Gay Kiss Claims

Mike Rinder, once a high-ranking officer within the church of Scientology, claims to have seen John Travolta kiss a male masseuse in his new book “A Billion Years: My Escape from a Life in the Highest Ranks of Scientology.”

Before leaving the church in 2007, Rinder claims to have been assigned to help John Travolta with his public relations. This is when he allegedly witnessed the kiss. 

Rinder claims that he was in Travolta’s hotel room having a conversation with the actor when a male masseuse allegedly entered the room and gave Travolta a kiss on the mouth. “‘I’ll be in soon,’ John said as the masseur headed toward the bedroom,” Rinder claims in his book. 

In the memoir, the former Scientology official says that he was tasked with the mission to help Travolta with his public image and squash rumors surrounding his love life. “Since the beginning of the ’90s, Travolta had been hounded by stories from various alleged male lovers, including one of his former pilots as well as a porn star,” Rinder states.

Rinder also speculates about Travolta’s alleged decision to remain in the closet by writing that he believes that Travolta already would’ve came out if it wasn’t for the anti-gay stigma within the church. 

Spokespeople from the Church of Scientology have denied Rinder’s claims and accuse him of trying to “profit from his dishonesty.”


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