Tuesday, October 3

How To Help LGBTQ+ Veterans

There’s an estimated 1 million veterans who identify as gay or lesbian in the United States and 134,000 who identify as transgender. Veterans are at higher risk to suffer from PTSD, substance abuse, depression, homelessness and unemployment. Members of the LGBTQ community in the U.S. are also at greater risk for homelessness, depression and substance abuse. Statistics that lead to legitimate concerns surrounding gay veterans and their well-being. In honor of memorial day, we’ve decided to compile a list of organizations that are dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ veterans and who need your support.

Modern Military Association of America

A non-profit organization with 85,000 members that seeks to promote fairness and equality for LGBTQ military and veteran communities. The MMAA provides past & present LGBTQ servicemembers with support, advocacy and education. The organization is currently accepting donations.

Transgender American Veterans Association

This organization focuses on ensuring that transgender veterans and current military personnel receive full services and appropriate treatment at VA facilities while actively fighting towards the removal of the regulatory exclusion of gender confirming surgeries. TAVA is currently accepting donations. 

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Although their focus is to help all homeless veterans, the NCHV made the list as it is one of the main organizations fighting the issue of homelessness among veterans. Their efforts include working to change policy while also maintaining a helpline with resources for veterans who are homeless or at risk for homelessness.

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