Thursday, December 7

Grindr Cannibal Gets Life Sentence

Michigan cannibal, Mark Latunski, sentenced to life in prison Thursday for the 2019 murder and mutilation of 25-year old Kevin Bacon. Latunski pleaded guilty in September to killing and eating the victims genitals after having met on dating app Grindr. The killer received an additional 11 to 120 months for the mutilation of Bacon’s body. 

Latunski met and murdered the 25-year old hairstylist on Christmas Eve 2019. He has confessed to cutting the victim’s throat before hanging him in the basement and eating his genitals. 

Court documents unveiled that Bacon was aware that the murderer had violent tendencies. Bacon’s father said that “what was released shows that Kevin had a dark side.” Adding that, “he obviously got into something that he wasn’t prepared for. I’m going to remember him how everyone else remembers him, that he’s a good person who was passionate and cares for people.”

The Victim’s Mother Shares Heartfelt Statement

The victim’s mother provided the court with a written statement after the sentencing. “Our world has been shattered,” she wrote. “Even though we have such great memories of our son, our lives will never be the same or will our family. I don’t understand why anyone could want to hurt our son, especially in such a horrific and unbelievable way.”

Pamela Bacon also addressed her son’s murderer in the statement, “even though we will finally get justice for Kevin, it still doesn’t feel like enough, and you still get to live and do things because a pig like you, can never have remorse.” “In your sick, twisted mind, you probably think you didn’t do anything wrong, but in reality, you took our world away,” she wrote. “This Christmas I hope you suffer like we have. I hope you feel pain because you are all alone with all the years yet to come.”


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