Wednesday, February 28

Reality TV Shows With Gay Casts

Check out these reality shows with Gay casts that are airing right now!

Representation in media matters and Gays have historically always been systematically erased or underrepresented in movies and TV. This has even been the case for genres that claim to depict real life, namely reality television which has managed to introduce audiences to a wide variety of communities & lifestyles that relate to straight people.

With the introduction of new LGBTQ+ themed shows, It seems as though times are changing and the genre is becoming more inclusive. Television execs. are undeniably realizing the communities’ entertainment value and we are excited to start seeing more Gay representation on our screens!

Check out these shows that are airing right now!


In this HBO Max shows, voguing teams (houses) compete in dance challenges that draw from New York’s ballroom culture while featuring extravagant fashions. 

GoGo for the Gold

A new competition show from OUTtv featuring some of the nations best GoGo dancers who compete for the title of “Americas #1 GoGo superstar”.

Bad Boys: Los Angeles

A group of “bad boys” move into a house in Los Angeles where they are supposed to live together as they establish the “bad boy brand” but conflict and drama soon erupts. Executive producer Natalie Nunn recently revealed that the Zeus network show has been renewed for a second season that will be shot in Houston. 


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