Tuesday, October 3

TS Madison & Honey Dijon’s Historic Billboard Hot 100 Achievement

Trans icons TS Madison and Honey Dijon have made history by becoming the first Black trans women to have made it on top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100. This due to both of them being credited on Beyoncé’s latest album, Renaissance. The two appear as co-writers on the song “Cozy” & Dijon co-wrote and co-produced “Alien Superstar.” Both tracks cracked the Top 40, with “Cozy” debuting at #30 and the “Alien Superstar” at #19.

Dijon is not new to the music scene, the acclaimed house DJ has performed at distinguished events all over the world. While TS Madison on the other hand is known for her social media presence and celebrity gossip show Queens Court. “Cozy” samples parts of a video monologue Madison released in 2020 in relation to the Black Lives Matter protests, “I’m dark brown, dark skin, light skin, bеige; fluorescent bеige, bitch, I’m Black.” Madison posted a photo on Instagram that showed her name in the album’s credits captioned “Oh yes henny…… credits royalties residuals and thangs in perpetuity…….. From the Queen.”

The album is the first solo-project Beyoncé has released in 6 years. It is being acclaimed for showing her sonic evolution as she is exploring different genres. The album’s clear house influence, messages about self-love and self-expression has prompted some to consider it an ode to the LGBTQ community.


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