Wednesday, February 28

Shooting Outside of Gay Bar Leaves 2 Dead

Two killed and 21 injured in shooting targeting a gay bar in Oslo early Saturday. Norwegian authorities are investigating the shooting as a potential act of extreme Islamist terrorism. Oslo Pride which was scheduled for today has been canceled as a result of the shooting. 

The attack began at 1:15 a.m. local time according to officials. Witnesses have stated that a man pulled out a gun from his bag outside of the gay bar and started shooting. This led people to either flee or throw themselves on the ground. Out of the 21 injured, 10 have sustained serious injuries. Police arrived on the scene and arrested the attacker who was armed with two weapons. 

The suspect is a Norwegian national of Iranian descent. He was known to authorities as a potential radical Islamist since 2015 and has a history of mental illness. 

Although Oslo Pride was canceled, an unofficial march still took place at the place of the attack where people lit candles and left rainbow flags in honor of the victims. 

“To all the homosexuals who now are afraid and are in mourning, I say we are all with you,” Noway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said on Facebook. The White House has also expressed its solidarity with Norway and the victims.


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