Wednesday, February 28

Andrew Gillum Indicted on Charges of Conspiracy & Fraud

Former Florida gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Gillum is facing a federal indictment on conspiracy & fraud charges.  Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Justice revealed their 21-count indictment against him and his former campaign advisor Lettman-Hicks. The indictment accuses the two of illegally directing funds from Gillum’s campaign to Lettman-Hicks’ private company. 

Gillum’s legal defense team denies the fraud & conspiracy claims. One of the charges Gillum is facing has to do with a 2016 trip to New York and the tickets he received to go see the play Hamilton. This comes as these were paid for by an undercover F.B.I agent posing as a developer saying that he wanted Gillum’s assistance with project approvals. 

The scandal-ridden politician ran for governor of Florida in 2018 as the Democratic nominee but lost to Ron De Santis by less than half a percentage point. This was after having served as the mayor of Tallahassee between 2014 & 2018.  

While being married to his wife J.Rai Gillum, in March, 2020. Andrew Gillum was found incapacitated in a Miami Beach hotel room with a gay sex-worker that was treated for drug-overdose. No charges were filed and Gillum said that he suffered from alcohol problems and entered rehab. Gillum has since came out as bisexual. 


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